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Stainless Steel - WHY ?
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VK Pickling Dip Liquid
VK Pass - 1 - Stainless Steel Passivation
VK Pass - 2 - Biodegradable Chelant
Passivation for Stainless Steel
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VK Neutralizer
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Pickling and Passivation Stainless Steel - WHY?

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VK - `Fumeless' Pickling and Passivation Gel / Paste Chemicals for Stainless Steel
  1. VK Jelly ( Stainless Steel Pickling Paste / Pickling Gel form ) for cleaning weld seam & nearby heat affected zone ( HAZ ) area by applying with brush
  2. VK Spray ( Stainless Steel Pickling Spray Gel form ) for applying on large Stainless Steel tanks, vessels, equipments & pipes with special pressurised spray bottle
  3. VK Dip ( Stainless Steel Pickling Liquid form ) is `Fumeless' - does not emit hazardous fumes and used for dipping Stainless Steel parts or circulating inside SS pipelines with circulation pump. It removes heat treatment black scales, weld colours, rust etc. giving uniform silvery white finish to Stainless Steel surface.
  4. VK Pass-1 ( Stainless Steel Passivation Liquid form ) for passivation of General Industrial Stainless Steel tanks,reaction vessels,boilers,equipments and pipelines
  5. VK Pass-2 ( Stainless Steel Passivation Liquid form ) is Safe, Biodegradable, Chelant, Non Polluting Passivation for Pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetics like industries. It does not affect mirror bright surface finish of Stainless Steel.
  6. NST-100 - Alkaline metal Degreaser Cleaner for removing oil, grease,buffing compounds etc. from Stainless Steel & Steel surface
  7. VK Neutralizer - Safe Pickling Neutralization Solution which is advanced neutralizing aid for pickling passivation rinse water or Stainless Steel surface neutralization

VK range of Fumeless Pickling Passivation chemicals are available for Stainless Steel 400 ( Ferritic ) grade or Dupex-Super Duplex grade also. VK Pickling and Passivation chemicals are available in gel , paste, spray, liquid forms.


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