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VK Pass - 1 - Stainless Steel Passivation
VK Pass - 2 - Biodegradable Chelant
Passivation for Stainless Steel
VK 400 Series
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NST - 100 - Degreaser
SpatFree 113
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E-Polish 210

VK ® 400 Series

Pickling and Passivation Weld Cleaning Gel Chemicals for Ferritic Martensitic grades of Stainless Steel, High Nickel Alloys, Titanium VK
"NOVEL" makes VK ® chemicals for Pickling and Passivation of Stainless Steel for specially 400 series / grade SS. NOVEL also manufacture Fumeless Pickling Passivation and Cleaning chemicals in Gel, Spray Gel, Liquid for Ferritic Stainless Steel , Martensitic stainless steel, Duplex and Super Duplex stainless steel, High Nickel Alloys like Inconel and Hastelloy, Titanium metals.
VK products are Tested & Approved by IIT Bombay under ASTM A380 / A967 standards