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SpatFree® 113 Welding Anti Spatter

Product Features Metallurgical Aspects of SpatFree 113 Welding Anti Spatter and Flux Noise / Air pollution control comparisions with SpatFree 113 Literature Download Video Download
Anti Spatter Spray, Anti Spatter Liquid, Welding Anti Heat compound, Welding Anti Spatter, SPATFREE 113
SPATFREE 113 - Welding Anti Spatter
and flux - applied by brush or spray

SpatFree 113 is a new revolutionary product that has changed welding methods. This revolutionary product is Silicone free , non-toxic, non-flammable and non-polluting – Welding Anti Spatter & flux in liquid emulsion form.

SpatFree 113, is applied before the welding operation to achieve the following benefits :

  • Original surface is retained without any chipping and grinding.
  • Better refined weld metal with minimum gaseous & non-metallic inclusion.
  • Formation of less quantity of slag that does not stick to the surface thereby, removal of slag becomes easier.
  • Cleaning cost is drastically reduced by about 70 %.
  • Efficiency of welder is improved tremendously by about 25%.
  • Environment friendly product as there is no possibility of dust floating in the working place because of absence of chipping & grinding operation.
  • Safety of person is also improved. Suitable for ISO-14000 organization.
  • Improved mechanical and metallurgical properties of weld metal, etc.

SpatFree 113 is a further addition to the welding process technology. This is a new concept to improve the quality of weld metal.

Features :

  • Do not contain Silicone - Hence no problems in painting afterwards
  • Non-flammable , Non-toxic & Non-Hazardous
  • Non-pollutant & Eco-friendly
  • Emulsion form – apply with brush or with special spray bottle or automated spray system
  • Easy to apply on exact required area and hence no wastage.
  • Very simple and easy to remove from metal surface after welding, for further painting
  • Convenient & safe to use
  • Brings down Noise & Air Pollution ( suspended particulate matter ) in the workshop below WHO’s limit for industry.
  • The depth of penetration is increased as the heat loss from the top of the weld melt is restrained by the film, thereby conserving about 5-10% of energy.
  • Can act as a temporary corrosion preventive for 7 – 10 days ( useful in welding V-groove preparation and it prevents re-grinding to remove rust in V-groove just before welding )


Test Results :

SpatFree 113 is tested by NABL accredited laboratory whose results are approved by various   Govt. depts. and Third Party Inspection Agencies.

  SpatFree 113 is tested and passes all Load, Bend , Radiographic etc. tests showing improvement   in Weld Seam quality comparing with and without it’s usage in tests.

Suitability :

SpatFree 113 can be applied in any kind of welding including manual, arc, MIG, argon, CO2, etc. for any type of ferrous materials, including MS, SS, CS and all alloy steels. SpatFree 113 is perfectly suitable for fabrication of vessels, tanks, pipelines, boilers, industrial equipments, fabricated gears and pinions, etc.

Application Procedure :

  1. Stir contents in the container well, before use.
  2. The application surface should be free from oil, grease etc.
  3. Apply SpatFree 113 in a thin & uniform film with any brush or sprayed with special spray bottle or spray system, on the both sides of welding surface - Any time before welding. ( Around 3 – 4 inches where spatters are expected ).
  4. Start welding after complete drying of SpatFree 113 applied on the metal surface to be welded.
  5. Any time after welding, remove the SpatFree 113 film along with welding spatter particles using a separate dry brush or fresh cloth.