RUSTOCON Rust Converter for Steel

Converts steel rust itself into protective coating

Converts steel rust itself into protective coating & further prevents rusting corrosion of steel

Large structural painting jobs in various heavy engineering industries and projects especially in coastal areas involve the cumbersome rust removal by sand/shot blasting, wire brushing or mechanical grinding etc., prior to painting.

Rustocon is a single pack ready to use solution which on application converts the Rust and acts as a coating preventing further corrosion and also acts as an ideal base for painting. Rustocon prevents the steel from further rusting for a reasonable period of time without any paint coat on it. ( around 3 months stored in room )

Rustocon reacts with all the layers & forms a stable non-reactive complex organo-metallic surface having BLUISH-BLACK COLOUR. It stops the migration of ions, preventing the electro-chemical corrosion process and hence prolonging the life of paint system which result in considerable savings.

Usage Instructions :

  1. In case of corroded Mild Steel / Carbon Steel Surface, first remove the loose rust scales by mechanical means like wire brushing, chipping etc.
  2. Ensure that the surface to be treated with Rustocon is free from oil, grease, paint coat etc. Then , apply Rustocon properly with brush, spray or by dipping.
  3. Leave the surface as it is atleast for 24 to 48 hours to ensure the complete reaction of Rustocon with rust. Then surface is prepared to receive any type of further coat.

Typical Application Area :

Overhead water tanks, heavy structural steel tankers (road & sea), drilling rigs, chemical process equipment & storage tanks, tube & pipe stock, conveyors, cranes, bridges, pipelines, concrete reinforcements, automobile dickeys etc. and practically all types of industries where problem of rusting of Iron is present.

Coverage & Shelf life :

Rustocon covers around 25-30 sq. meter / Litre. It has unlimited shelf life when stored in a closed plastic container. Never mix used and unused Rustocon together, otherwise rust present in used Rustocon can initiate chemical reaction in unused Rustocon.

Packing :

1, 5, 30, 50 kg plastic bottle / carboys.

Precautions :

Nothing in particular, though excessive direct contact with skin should be avoided.